Summer Plants and Flowers in Pakistan

Ornamental plants and flowers bring life to gardens, especially in summer. Without a doubt, Pakistan has an appropriate climate for a green environment and naturalized diversity of flora. Our native summer plants are capable to grow in a sturdy environment, but with less water and minimal care. Spring season is best to plant seeds and then flowering starts till summer. Plants and flowers vary in color, size, and shape, that is why they add freshness and visual delight to the environment. Decorative plants include flowering plants, creepers, fruit plants, and vegetable plants. In Pakistan, the spring/summer season is celebrated as a spring festival at the end of March, and on this occasion, different organizations held these exhibitions to introduce thousands of flowers and plants.

Summer Plants and Flowers
 Beautiful Flower Exhibition and Ground Shapes

Horticulture is a beautiful term used for these plants and covers every type of garden management and cultivation. Besides domestic gardening, Horticulture introduces florist and landscape design projects. Greenery, pot plants, and cut flowers are distinguished under florist, whereas landscape designs include nursery crops and lawn turf. Pakistan has a broad range of beautiful commercial nurseries and florists to exhibit aesthetic features with ornamental house plants, decorative creeps, and specimen displays. People who don’t know enough about cultivation but love to see nature around them mostly go to nurseries and buy flowers they want. However, some people are passionate about plants cultivation and grow their own gardens.

We can grow plants in small pots, plastic bottles, or cans and can decorate them in our rooms as indoor air purifiers. Potential native species of ornamental flowers have wild and domestic flora, almost 6000 species in Pakistan.

These are easy to cultivate and can cope with climate change. Some cultivated species are:

  • Jangli Pyaz (Football Lilly)
  • Wild Tulip
  • Somlatha
  • Post
  • Wild Iris
  • Gul-e-Nargis
  • Delphinium
  • Juniper
  • Silver Fir
  • Water Lilly and Kanwal

These above-listed plants are uncultivated species with delectable flower colors and charming fragrances.

Garden Grass Pattern and Structure

Organic elements always add beauty and are used for home decor. Yes! These are indoor home décor Air Purifiers. These are the best source of fresh environment. They purify air quality by eliminating hazardous compounds and contaminations. Increased oxygen level makes ventilation healthy. With proper sustaining and consideration, these indoor plants offer us a reliable life quality in return. According to its characteristics and nature, plant placement is very important, so spot each plant as shown by its pre-defined nature in the house and get the ultimate results.

Air contamination can be a huge deterrent for people having hypersensitivities and asthma, so it is killed by using assets as plants. These plants need some attention and obviously daily routine care. Plant nurseries and plant organizations are selling these plants at a high cost because most of these plants are not native and imported from other countries. Some effective air purifiers are known as Golden Pothos, Peace Lilly, Snake plant, Areca Palm, Aloe vera, and Spider plant.

Indoor Plants
Indoor Air Purifiers (Snake Plant and Pothos)

People have a lot of gardening questions especially, they don’t know how to Go Green in contrast with no garden or backyard. You can! It is not important to have a lawn. You can cultivate ornamental plants, popular summer flowers, fruits, vegetables with no garden. All you need is just a can, jar, or plastic bottle. A suitable environment for plant growth and, most important, is a seed. When you cook vegetables or eat fruit, sow its seeds in little soil or water and when they grow, shift them into any pot. The summer fruit and vegetable calendar is given below for your understanding of when to sow a seed and which one?

Plants/Vegetable Cultivation Calendar:

Plants/VegetablesGrow IndoorsTransplant Outdoors
ParsleyMarch 1May 1
BroccoliMarch 15May 1
CabbageMarch 15May 1
CauliflowerMarch 15May 1
Egg PlantMarch 15June 1
PeppersApril 1June 1
OkraApril 15June
TomatoApril 15May 20
Pumpkin/BrinjalMay 1May 20

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