Coleus Plant Varieties

Coleus Plant Varieties – Plant’s Insider’s Pick

Coleus grows in the Lamiaceae family and has colorful, patterned leaves that enhance the look of shady spots in your home or garden. Plants Insider gets you the best coleus plant varieties in the following article to make the right choice for you!

Coleus Plant - Coleus Varieties

Coleus Varieties

Coleus Varieties to Select:

1. Stained Glassworks Kiwi Fern Coleus

The Kiwi fern adds a delicate texture to any garden with its low maintenance and fine texture. A warm climate, partial shade, and well-draining soil are ideal for this coleus plant variety.

Color: The leaves are burgundy with yellow-pink edges

Stained Glassworks Kiwi Fern Coleus

2. Rustic Orange Coleus Plant

Solenostemon ‘Rustic Orange’ has beautiful orange foliage that is ideal in borders or in garden beds. This coleus plant variety provides a warm color that will brighten your garden or interior space.

Color: Orange

Rustic Orange Coleus

3. Fishnet Stockings Coleus Plant

Fishnet stockings have tall, upright leaves that have burgundy veins and lime green leaves, giving them a stunning appearance. Keep it in part shade and water regularly during dry spells.

Color: Lime green and burgundy

Fishnet Stockings Coleus

4. Wizard Mix Coleus Plant

Adding color to the dark corners of your home is easy with the impressive beauty of Wizard mix. The large, heart-shaped leaves prefer moist soil and full shade to part sun for maximum color.

Color: Chartreuse, pink, and red

Wizard Mix Coleus

5. Henna Coleus Plant

With chartreuse leaves that have burgundy or magenta edging, the award-winning variety Henne offers frilly-edged chartreuse leaves. The foliage of these plants is most vibrant in full sun or partial shade.

Color: Copper and chartreuse with burgundy undersides

Henna Coleus Plant

6. Trailing Plum Coleus Plant

‘Trailing plum’ has dramatic foliage and loves the sun. Additionally, it is one of the best types of coleus that cascade down! Make sure the soil is rich, moist, and well-draining.

Color: Neon pink

Trailing Plum Coleus Plant

7. Black Dragon Coleus Plant

Growing ‘Black Dragon’ can add a charismatic look to your garden. It has stunning lava-like foliage that thrives well in partial shade or full shade, one of the best coleus varieties to grow!

Color: Deep burgundy with purple-black edges

Black Dragon Coleus Plant

8. Limelight Coleus Plant

‘Limelight’ is one of the coleus series from the Giant Exhibition! It has bright, neon lime-green leaves that look great in containers. The beautiful foliage complements virtually every color!

Color: Chartreuse

Limelight Coleus Plant

9. Picture Perfect Salmon Pink Coleus

‘Picture perfect salmon pink’ has pastel-toned leaves that look painted. This masterpiece can be grown in the borders of your garden or in pots in full to partial shade.

Color: Green undersides with burgundy-salmon and pink variegated leaves

Picture Perfect Salmon Pink Coleus

10. Big Red Judy Coleus

Plant ‘Big Red Judy’ alongside ornamental grasses or other plants to show off its red leaves! Suitable for full sun to full shade, the upright, velvety leaves are large and upright. In addition to being used as a thriller, these plants also make good edging plants.

Color: Red

Big Red Judy Coleus

11. Super-Fine Rainbow Festive Dance Coleus

The beautiful, rich, chocolate-brown or bronze leaves of this coleus variety have a fiery orange center and green edges. This attractive plant grows well in pots and gardens alike.

Color: Chocolate brown

Super-Fine Rainbow Festive Dance Coleus

12. Giant Exhibition Palisandra Coleus

The leaves of this plant are enormous and velvety, with a deep purple-black hue. Growing in afternoon shade or filtered shade in moist soil is ideal for this vigorous plant.

Color: Deep purple-black leaves

Giant Exhibition Palisandra Coleus

13. Premium Sun Chocolate Covered Cherry Coleus

The bold leaves of this coleus are deep mahogany in color with a rose center and thin green margins. Place it in full sun along borders or containers.

Color: Mahogany, red, and green

14. Wizard Jade Coleus

‘Wizard Jade’ features ivory leaves with wide green edges. Bushy and compact, it thrives in moist soil in filtered shade.

Color: Vibrant green

15. Wizard Velvet Red Coleus

In shaded borders or pots, this plant’s velvety red foliage with green edges looks magnificent. Growing it indoors is also possible if it gets enough sunlight.

Color: Red

16. Wizard Coral Sunrise Coleus

The leaves of this beautiful coleus have toothed edges and salmon pink centers. Green edges surround the salmon pink centers. Adaptable to heat, humidity, and sun.

Color: Salmon Pink and Olive Green

17. Superfine Rainbow Masterblend Mix Coleus

A beautiful fusion of colors can be seen in this variety. This cultivar is robust and bushier, making it a wonderful choice for beds and borders.

Color: Multicolored

18. Superfine Rainbow Festive Dance Coleus

The foliage of this variety is chocolate brown or bronze with orange centers and gray-green margins.

Color: Chocolate-brown or bronze leaves

19. Giant Exhibition Magma Coleus

‘Magma’ produces molten purple-red foliage adorned with green edges. Plant it in moist soil under filtered shade or afternoon shade.

Color: Purple-red leaves

Giant Exhibition Magma Coleus

20. Giant Exhibition Rustic Red Coleus

The foliage of this coleus is rusty-red with yellow margins. The plant is best grown in filtered or afternoon shade and moist soil.

Color: Rusty red

Giant Exhibition Rustic Red Coleus


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