Easy to Grow Plants From Stem Cuttings During Monsoon

Monsoon rains are on their ascension. It is time to start some worthy planting rituals – cutting the existing stem, it’s grafting, and rooting. While it’s common knowledge that every plant in the garden area can exhibit magic during rain, easy-to-grow plants start rooting faster. Consequently, they eventually bloom in a way that truly appears supernatural.

Monsoon Plants Blooming

Monsoon Easy to Grow Plants Blooming

Plantation Methods or Propagation of Easy to Grow Plants:

Among these 7 methods, we can choose the best and easy to propagate plantation procedure, depending on plant characteristics.

1. Seed Propagation:

For seed germination, take some healthy seeds of a plant you want to grow.

  1. Directly put them into fertile and moist soil.
  2. Start by placing these seeds in moist tissue paper, and promptly position this tissue within a plastic bag. After the seedlings germinate, proceed by transferring them into prepared planting soil.

2. Plant Cuttings:

You can grow the whole plant by using any of the three vegetative parts of a plant (you want to grow).

Growth of Stem Cuttings

Growth of Stem Cuttings

1: Stem Cuttings:

Take a 3 to 6′ long part of a parent plant’s soft or hard stem when the plant is not fully bloomed, subsequently ensuring the best chances for successful propagation. These cuttings should be taken by a sharp knife over a 45-degree angle and must have one or more nodes. Trim all the leaves and plant these cuttings into fertile soil.

2: Leaf Cuttings Low-Maintenance Plants:

Some of the plants (mostly succulent plants) or indoor plants tend to grow from leaves. Just take a leaf from the plant with almost 1.5′ of the petiole. Insert that leaf into the soil from the petiole side.

3: Root Cuttings of Simple-to-Cultivate Plants :

Some of the plants can grow from root cuttings. Take almost 5 to 6 root cuttings, each 2 to 6′ long, from the plant. Hold the proximal end and make a straight cut on it. Now make a partial cut on its distal end on each cutting. Ties all of these cuttings with the same sides. After storing them for 3 weeks in moist soil, you can then place them in your garden to allow them to grow.

3. Division:

This technique is particularly well-suited for perennial plants, those that can live for more than two years. For division, dig some part of your plant (including roots) and move it into prepared soil.

4. Layering of Easy to Grow Plants:

In this process, the bend of a branch is covered with soil. However, when covered in moist and fertile soil, the bent stem developed its own root system and let the stem grow as a whole plant.

5. Grafting:

To commence the grafting process, start by taking a plant cutting. Afterward, you can connect it to the stem of another plant. This joint must be placed carefully.

6: Budding:

In this process, simply take a bud from the parent plant and place it in the soil. Alternatively, you can position it on another plant. Make a cut, so the bud can fit and join seamlessly.

7: Tissue Culture:

This is the most advanced technique usually used in labs and on large farms. A controlled media is developed to keep just a few parent plant tissues and let them grow as a whole plant.

Easy to Grow Flowering / Ornamental Plants Chart

HibiscusGurhalPropagation through stem cutting, Seeds, Grafting, and Air layeringEarly summerLate summer or fallMostly Outdoor
PortulacaMoss RoseSeeds,
Stem cuttings
Early springEarly summer to frostIndoor
CrotonZanzibarStem cutting, Leaves cuttings, Air layering, Simple LayeringSpringSummerOutdoor / Indoor(sunny area)
ColeusColeusSeeds, Stem cuttingsEarly springSpring to FallOutdoor / Indoor
Tradescantia PallidaPurple HeartStem cuttingsEarly springSpringOutdoor
DieffenbachiaDumb CaneRoot cuttings(easiest way),
Stem cuttings,
SpringSummerIndoor ( bright indirect light)
DracaenaDragon TreeStem cuttings,
Top cuttings
SpringLate spring to Early  summer
Late fall to Early winter
Hamelia PlantScarlet Bush / Hummingbird BushSeeds,
Stem cuttings
Late spring /
Early summer
Late summer or Early fallOutdoor / Indoor
Aralia PlantSpikenardsStem cuttings,
Shoot cuttings
SpringLate summer or FallIndoor or outdoor(under shades)
Portulaca OleraceaPurslaneStem cuttingSummerLate spring through summerOutdoor
Ruellia SimplexMexican PetuniaSeeds, Rhizomes, Stem cuttingsSeptember to November
Late January through mid-march
Summer to FallOutside (near wet areas)
ChrysanthemumGul e DawoodiSeeds,
Stem cuttings,
Spring (from seeds)
Summer (from cuttings)
WinterOutdoor / Indoor
BougainvilleaPaper FlowerSeeds,
Root cuttings
Spring through SummerEarly fall through springOutdoor
Eranthemum RedLaalsa/Lily PlantsSeed, Vegetative propagationSummerWinterOutdoor / Indoor
Stem cuttings
SummerMostly SummerOutdoor
VincaSada BaharSeeds,
Early SummerMid SummerOutdoor (Partial shade) / Indoor
Rangoon CreeperRed Jasmine/MadhumaltiStem cutting,
Air layering
Early SpringSpring through late rainy seasonOutdoor / Indoor (Partial shade)
Golden TrumpetAllamandaSeeds,
Stem tip cuttings
Late SpringSummer and FallOutdoor / Indoor (Partial Shade)
Euphorbia PulcherrimaPoinsettiaStem cuttingsSpringLate SpringOutdoor / Indoor
Crassula OvataJade PlantStem cuttings,
Leaf cuttings
SummerLate Winters to Early SpringOutdoor / Indoor
EcheveriaMexican SnowballSeeds,
Leaf cuttings
Spring through SummerLate Spring until SummerOutdoor
EuphorbiaSpurge PlantSeeds,
Tip cuttings,
Stem cuttings
SpringWinter through SpringOutdoor / Indoor
MussaendaTropical Dogwood / Red Flag BushSeeds, Softwood cuttings,
Air Layering
Spring and Rainy SeasonSpring to FallPartial Outdoor / Indoor
Crape JasmineChandni / Pinwheel FlowerSeeds,
Stem cuttings
Spring and Rainy SeasonThrough Summer
and Spring
Egyptian Star ClusterPentasSeeds,
Softwood cuttings
SpringSummerOutdoor / Indoor
TecomaTrumpet BushSeeds,
Stem cuttings
SpringEarly Spring to Late FallOutdoor
Starlight FicusWeeping FigSeeds,
Stem cuttings
Summer / RainsSpringPartial Outdoor / Indoor
Plant divisions, Layering, Stem cuttings
Early Spring to MonsoonMid Spring to FallOutdoor/ Indoor
Thuja OrientalisMor PankhiSeeds,
Plant cuttings
Spring and MonsoonSummerOutdoor / Indoor
Zebrina PendulaWandering DewSeeds, Stem cuttingsMonsoonSummerOutdoor / Indoor
Baby Tear PlantBaby Tear PlantSeed,
Stem cuttings,
Shoot cuttings
Summer to Rainy SeasonLate Spring to Early SummerOutdoor / Indoor
Baby Sun RoseIce Plant / Dew PlantSeeds, Offsets, Leaves, Stem cuttingsSpring and SummerSpring through SummerOutdoor (in full sunlight)
ParijatHar SingharSeeds,
Stem cuttings
Spring and MonsoonLate summer to Early WintersOutdoor
KalanchoeFlaming KatySeeds, Offsets, Stem cuttingsMonsoonLate Winter to Late SpringIndoor
Tangled HeartPillow Plant / Swedish IvySeeds, Stem cuttingsSpring / MonsoonSummer (rarely flower)Outdoor (partial sunlight) / Indoor
SedumOrpine /Stone CropSeeds,
Tip cuttings, Stem cuttings, Leaf cuttings
Early SpringThrough Summer until FallMostly Outdoor / Indoor (intensive care)
String of BananasCurio RadicansSeeds, Stem cuttingsEarly Summer / MonsoonSpringOutdoor (partial shade) / Indoor
SyngoniumArrowhead VineRoot cuttings,
Stem cuttings
Spring or SummerSummerOutdoor(semi-shade) /
Indoor (low light)
PedilanthusDevil’s backboneStem cuttingsEarly SummerLate SummerOutdoor / Indoor

Plants for Monsoon Propagation

Rose Plant Propagation

Easy to Grow Fruit Plants Chart

GrapesAngoorSeeds, Budding,
Layering, Wood cuttings, Grafting
Late wintersSeptember to NovemberOutdoor / Indoor
Wood cuttings
Late winters, AugustEnd of SeptemberOutdoor
Citrus LimettaMeethaSeeds,
Late summer,
Mid April to MayOutdoor
Indian Beach TreeSukh ChaynSeeds, CuttingsLate WinterLate SummerOutdoor
Arabian JasmineMotiyaStem cutting,
Spring, Late summerThroughout the SummerOutdoor / Indoor
PopulusPoplarWood cuttings,
Root cuttings
WinterEarly SpringOutdoor
GuavaAmroodSeeds, Budding, Grafting, Stem cuttings, Root cuttingsLate winterSpringIndoor / Outdoor
Rosewood TreeSheeshamSeeds,
Stem cuttings
WintersSeptember to DecemberOutdoor
SpringLate winter to SpringOutdoor
Late summer
May to NovemberOutdoor / indoor

Fruit Plants that can Grow in Monsoon with Little Effort

Grapes Vine

Plants Insider’s Suggestion:

We highly recommend that all our readers commence planting a minimum of three easy-to-grow plants and beautiful flowers from the list mentioned above. It will be a beautiful gift and gratitude to Mother Nature from your side in this Monsoon season.

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